Working with municipalities to obtain the rights for infrastructures development.

Our 4 Business Models

ROI Land Investments, Ltd. Market Leader in The Land Development Industry

ROI Land Investments, Ltd. (“ROI”) is a real estate investment company specializing in land development. ROI’s business model consists of acquiring attractive land developments free of zoning restrictions, obtaining the necessary development permits, outsourcing the development of the infrastructure and profiting from the sale of the subdivided land units to known large regional developers.

We seek sites in top growing regions where the price of land reflects the project’s potential profits. The price of the land should be well within market norms and allow for maximum profitability. Land is purchased for immediate development with a projected profitable exit.

Business Model

ROI Business Model & process are very simple

  • 1. Land Acquisition
    Purchase land ready for development.
    Initial analysis
    • Project potential profitability
    • Site location: local economy, nearby functions, access and potential community development
    • Legal due diligence
    • Zoning: planned city urban development
    • Basic site specifics: topography
    Premilinary studies
    • Impact on traffic loads
    • Impact on the human and natural environment
    • The nature and degree of soil contamination as well as the bearing capacity of soil and rock
    • Estimate of the costs of the various designs and project-related recommendations
    • Site’s conceptual renderings
    Detailed engineering study
    • The site’s plan
    • Technical specifications
    • A bill of material
    • A detailed cost estimate
    • A work schedule
    • A contingency plan
  • 2. Entitlement
    With municipalities to obtain the rights for infrastructures development.
    Municipality application process (6-24 months)
    • Pre-application consultation
    • Application submission
    • Application Deemed Complete / Reviewed for Adequacy
    • Community “Heads Up”
    • Circulation to Technical Agencies, Community Organizations and Word Councillor
    • Posting of On-Site Signs
    • Community Information and Comment Session Issue Resolution – Staff Memorandum or Committee Report Preparation
    • Notice of Decision by Staff (Applications Under Delegated Authority)
    • Notice of Public Meeting
    • Notice of Decision by Committee or Council
    • Post Application
  • 3. Development
    Outsourcing of the necessary technical and construction work
    • Organization and announcement of a call for tenders
    • Order to begin infrastucture development following:
      • Development contract is signed
      • All autorizations are obtained
      • All proof of certification and insurance are received
    • Infrastucture development supervision:
      • Work schedule review
      • Costs control
      • Constant communication with contractors
  • 4. Profit Taking
    Exit through selling to large residential developers
    The buyer’s database
    • ROI possesses a database of potential buyers who have previously shown interest for specific types of land
    • The sales representative from ROI communicates with targeted buyers
    • A strong market imbalance is caused by the high demand from real estate developers
    The closing process
    • Once an offer is signed, a 10% deposit is taken
    • The final transaction is notarized after the development of the street infrastructures